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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Of a beautiful intense golden yellow color, clear, with pronounced green reflections.
On the nose, it is powerful and complex, characterized by hints of artichoke, chicory, lettuce, and a memory of medicinal herbs.
In the mouth, it is bold and enveloping with elegant tones of wild vegetables.
Bitter and spicy well balanced.
Ideal pairing: bruschetta, appetizers, all kinds of traditional Tuscan soups, every type of salad, beef carpaccio with porcini mushrooms. Pasta with ragù sauce, grilled fish, red meats, and game, both grilled and baked. Aged cheeses.

Single variety Correggiolo

Of a beautiful, intense, and clear golden yellow color. On the nose, it is bold and wide, with rich vegetal scents of artichoke and chicory, enriched by balsamic notes of rosemary and mint.
In the mouth, it is elegant and full of character, with tones of lettuce, wild thistle, and a clear almond note in the finish. Pronounced bitterness and a harmonious spiciness.
Ideal pairing with appetizers, tomatoes, bruschetta with vegetables, boiled beans, barley salads, farro soups, risotto with artichokes, gratin mollusks, stewed cuttlefish, poultry, or oven-baked lamb, and fresh stringy cheeses.

Single Variety olive mill

Of a beautiful, golden yellow color with green hues; clear. On the nose, it is enveloping and soft, with vegetal scents of artichoke, wild thistle, chicory, and balsamic notes of mint and rosemary.
In the mouth, it is elegant and harmonious with tones of wild vegetables, black pepper, and a pronounced almond finish. Pronounced and harmonious bitterness and spiciness. Pairs well with bean appetizers, bruschetta with vegetables and tomatoes, boiled potatoes, grilled fish and meat, poultry, and oven-baked lamb.

Single Variety Leccino del Corno

Of a beautiful intense golden yellow color, clear, with pronounced green reflections. On the nose, it opens up with determination and elegance, characterized by vegetable notes of artichoke, chicory, and fragrant hints of basil and mint. In the mouth, it appears complex and very fine, with spicy notes of black pepper and both bitter and sweet almond. Pronounced bitterness and well-balanced spiciness. Ideal pairings: rice salads, boiled legumes, grilled potatoes, gratin vegetables, barley soups, tuna carpaccio, lentil purées, grilled porcini mushrooms, spinach salads, grilled red meats, aged hard cheeses.

Single Variety Moraiolo

Of a beautiful golden yellow color, clear with delicate green nuances. On the nose, it is determined and broad with pronounced vegetable notes of artichoke, lettuce, chicory, wild thistle, accompanied by hints of officinal herbs with rosemary in evidence. In the mouth, it is elegant and complex with tones of fresh field vegetables, fresh almonds, and spicy hints of black pepper. Bitter and spicy harmoniously balanced that finish in sweet almond. It pairs well with bruschetta with tomatoes, Chianina beef carpaccio with porcini mushrooms, tuna salads, bean soups, meat sauces for pasta, gratinated bluefish, grilled red meats or game, and aged hard cheeses.

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