Olive groves


Olive groves

The Cascino family has been passionately practicing olive growing since 1800’s.
In 1985 frost damaged seriously olive groves; more than 2000 olive trees were completely destroyed by frost.
In the past , the olivegroves were planted with several varietes of olive trees and not separated according to variety.
Recently Lorenzo Cascino, aiming at a high quality monovarietal production, planted a specialized new olive grove.
Before harvesting the olives are tasted in a laboratory using chemical analysis to establish the perfect moment for picking to achieve optimum quality of oil content.
Immediately after they are harvested they are put trough a continuos cold extracting pressing cycle, in the olive mill to avoid any oxidation of the fruit.

We have several varieties of olives: Correggiolo , the most prevailing quality, together with Leccino , Leccino del corno , Moraiolo, Frantoio, Pendolino.
These are blended in order to create the extravirgin olive oil Fattoria Bacìo, with its intense green color, rich and fruity flavor and extremely low acidity.

The single varieties of olives, separated one from the other permit to use different agronomic techniques in order to obtain a monovariety extravirgin olive oil with lasting rich and fruity taste.
Monovariety oils of Fattoria Bacìo winning several selections, national and international prizes like the “Bronze Medal Award” 2013 Los Angeles International for Correggiolo and Leccino del Corno , that are mostly appreciated by their clients.

The olive groves of Fattoria Bacìo are organically certified

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Fattoria Bacìo

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